Monday, February 16, 2009

This Week's Harvest

Wow, I was hit with a wallop of an illness for the past two weeks and I haven't done that much cooking or blogging. For awhile there, I was munching on saltines and broth, but I have my appetite back. My CSA cooking hasn't been particularly interesting besides making wonderful salads with all the great greens we have been getting. However, I have a new favorite ingredient for my scrambled eggs in the morn': beet greens! Yep, I chop those babies up, saute them in a little butter, add some beaten eggs and top with a little cheese, salt and pep and gobble it down! If I have Iitoi onions on hand, I will throw those in too. The greens are uber-nutritious and a really, nice mild green. I always chop the greens off the beets when I take them home to keep them getting wilted. Okay, so on to this week's harvest:

Red Potatoes
Braising Greens or Swiss Chard
Iitoi Onions
Haruki Turnips
Dandelion Greens

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