Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Blog!

Before you are able to post, you must email and you will be invited to be an author for our blog.

How to post a blog entry:
1)    Go to Sign in using your username and password from Gmail. You can also sign in from On the top right corner of the page it says “Sign In”
2)    This will take you to the dashboard. Click on NEW POST to post a new blog entry. You can preview it before you post it to the web and you can spell check it as well. You may also go back and edit it once it is posted. Click EDIT POST on the dashboard.
3)    Remember to label the post so others can find what they are looking for with ease. For instance, is your recipe for a butternut squash soup? Your labels would be: soup, butternut squash. There is a place to type labels in at the bottom of your new post. Keep them consistent with labels that have already been created.
4)    If you would like to add a photo or a video clip to your post, you can do that by clicking on the “photo” or “video” button on the window where you type your blog entry. They are directly to the right of the spell check button.

Some helpful hints:
1)    Recipes are intended to use ingredients from our CSA share. Try to keep the posts focused on seasonal produce, local foods and sustainability.
2)    If you use a recipe or photo from a source other than you, give credit to the source.
3)    Have fun!

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